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M 77 - NGC 1068 - Arp 37  (image down sampled 0.5x -  click on image for full szie)
Penryn, California
October 2006
M 250 @ f9.3 (ag, ST-4)
ST-10XME LRGB 15 minute subs

M77 is a type SCs spiral galaxy nearly face on to our line of sight.  It is approximately 60 million light years distant and is approximately 170,000 light years in diameter.  M77 has a bright active star forming region (the prominent portion) approximately 120,000 light years and a much older yellow star region in the faint outer halo.

M77 is a Seyfert galaxy with a super massive object at its center driving molecular clouds of material away from the core region.  The super massive object occupies a region of less than 12 light years and is an intense infra red emitter.