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NGC 2444/45  - Arp 143
Penryn, California
November 2006/January 2009 (Lum)
M 250 @ f9.3 (ag, ST-4)
ST-10XME RGB 15 minute subs, L 10 minute subs.

NGC 2444 is on the left and NGC 2445 is the distorted galaxy.  Both are classified as Ring galaxies, distance is 191 Mly. 

Computer simulations by  Narasimhan, (2003) indicates;

"A plausible scenario for the tidal disruption of the less massive galaxy is proposed. NGC 2444, having double the mass of NGC 2445, has undergone penetrating collision with the latter in a hyperbolic or a parabolic orbit. After the first collision, the orbit has become bound. Our results show that VV 117 has either just emerged from the first collision or are on the verge of a second collision. NGC 2445 suffers considerable disruption and mass loss. NGC 2444 is not affected much. The second collision is expected to culminate in the merger of the two galaxies".