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NGC 253  - Silver Dollar galaxy         (image down sampled 0.75x  - click on image for full size)
Penryn, California
November 2008
FS-128 (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM LRGB 5 minute subs

NGC 253 is a bright starburst galaxy classified Sc,.  Redshift distance is 110 Mly.

This galaxy is very close to my local horizon giving me slightly more than 70 minutes of imaging time.  The above image was acquired over four nights each characterized by high humidity and some low ground fog .  the weather plus the light dome that is Sacramento caused significant gradients and elevated sky glow.  I have avoided imaging this galaxy thinking it was too low but Thanks to Angel Rosario whom successfully imaged it using my equipment (see guest images) I gave it a try.