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NGC 2805 - Holmberg 124 group of galaxies
Ursa Major
Penryn, California
February/March 2007
FS-128 (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM  LRGB 15 minute subs 

NGC 2805 is classified SBcd-r and has a red shift distance of 79 M;y..  NGC 2805 is a ring galaxy suffering from ram pressure disruption and tidal interaction with the other galaxies in the group.  NGC 2820 is the spiral at lower left, Mk 108 is the dwarf galaxy at the upper end on NGC 2820 and NGC 2814 is the smaller galaxy above NGC 2820.

NGC 2820, Mk 108 and NGC 2814 are connected by a bridge of debris/gas.