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NGC 7463, NGC 7464, NGC 7465
Penryn, California
September 2007
FS-128 (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM LRGB 5 minute subs.

NGC 7463 is the vertical type SBb/P spiral at right center, NGC 7464 is the very small  type E to the immediate right and NGC 7465 the large, diffuse type SBO galaxy at bottom right.  Also in this image are PGC 70285 on the far left and PGC 70307 at the lower center near the three bright stars.

NGC 7463 group of galaxies are interacting with each other and in the case of NGC 7464 and 7465, are connected by a bridge of dust and gas.  NGC 7463 is a galaxy midway between a Seyfert and a Starburst galaxy.  Distance to the NGC 7643 group is 90 Mly.