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Ced 214                        image down-sampled 0.4x - click on image for full size
September 2005
FCL-90 II @ f4.5 (ag, ST-4)
St-2000XM  LRGB 15 minute subs

Ced 214 (a & b)  are bright nebulae described in the 'Deep Sky Field Guide' to U2000 as "...brightest in the NE sector.  The N part is broken up by absorption patches." 

There is a tendency to label this nebula as NGC 7822.  If you go with U2000, the Cederblad catalog, the original NGC catalog, Simbad, etc.,  NGC 7822 is 1.5 degrees North.   If you go with the revised NGC catalog NGC 7822 is a 20'x4' strip (orientation not specified) and does not encompass CED 214.   I like the original NGC 7822 as opposed to an open cluster, I don't think Herschel made a mistake. 

Cederblad cataloged Ced 214a and 214b at 16x14" and 25x20 arc-minutes, a Wikipedia entry for NGC 7822 implies 7822 encompasses all of CED 214 and Sh2-171.
Sh2-171 is a 180 arc minute diameter area encompassing all of CED 214 plus the project location for NGC 7822 and the NGC and RNGC location for NGC 7822).


The following 15'x15' image is from the DSS for the coordinates of NGC 7822 as modified by the  Project.

  The Project did keep the original size  (20' x 4') which more fits the Herschel's object but seems hard to reconcile to the above object.  The Project also references Ced 214a and 214b which do not appear in the Cederblad catalog.

   Of real interest is the fact the visual observing report used by the Project reported visually identifying faint nebula at the original NGC 7822 location but was unable to identify nebulosity in either Ced 214 or the project location for NGC 7822.  Herschel saw it, Draper didn't but cautioned his pointing might not have been accurate and Roberts used 90 minutes photo plates to detect Ced 214 and didn't even address the nebula at the Herschel location. 

Go to the following and click on NGC 7822 for the Project's discussion on changing the location of NGC 7822.

Note the Project indicated the new location was also cataloged as Ced 215 generating another catalog discrepancy for some future project to correct.  The following are the notes from the original Cederblad catalog - 

214 The nebula surrounding the two stars +66 1676 = HD 224992, and
214 +66 1679 = HD 225216 = Boss 39. R. Erroneously identified as NGC 7822
214 by Roberts in (624). (630 Pl 20).
215 NGC 7822 = GC 5051 = h 2302. R. The coordinates and the description given
215 by John Herschel must refer to the nebulous cluster containing the HD
215 stars: +68 1423 = HD 225123, and +67 1588 = HD 224825.
215 Compare (630) Pl 20. (114, 304, 631).