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SH2-187                 (click on image above  for full resolution image of the sh2-187 area)
Penryn, California
September 2010
FS-128  (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM  10 minute subs

Sh2-187 is a complex area of gas, molecular clouds and dust.  Multifrequeny studies indicate the HII region is fragmented and still partially encased in the parental cloud out of which it was born some 200,000 years ago.  Only 3 percent of the HII region is optically visible and is ionized by a BO class star with a magnitude of 0.5.  The molecular cloud covers approximately 1 degree.  Numerous IR point sources are embedded within the complex, one source is most likely an H2O maser and the remainder are either proto stars or stars.  (Joncas, 1992)