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NGC 4410 - Markian 1325         Image down-sampled 0.4x 
Penryn, California
April 2009
M 250 @ f9.3 (ag, ST-4)
ST-10XME LRGB 10 minute subs

A group of nearby interacting galaxies.  Galaxies on the left from top to bottom are NGC 4410-a,b,c,d.  Distance to the group is 34 Mly and classifications are a-SAB/p, b-Sbc, c-lenticular and d-Sbc. (Full scale image)

Smith, et. al. (2003) suggest the group is evolving to an elliptical dominated group and confirmed the tidal tail connections plus the visual extension to the NW from 4410-a possibly created by a supernova causing an expanding bubble in the ISM.

The galaxies on the right are NGC 4411-a (top) and NGC 4411-b (bottom). Both are classified as Sbdm with an approximate mag. 15 surface brightness,  distance is 74 Mly. (Full scale image)

The faint object at upper center is not identified in any of the sources available to me.