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NGC 7753 - Arp 86
Penryn, California
October 2006/September 2008
M 250 @ f 9.3 (ag, ST-4)
ST-10XME RGB 15 minute subs (2006)
ST-10XME Lum 10 minute subs (2008)

NGC 7753 is interacting with the receding smaller galaxy NGC 7752.  The two galaxies may have collided
or passed close to each other.  NGC 7753 is classified as type SBb-c.

Domingue. (1999) reports the smaller NGC 7752 is continously fueled by gas being drawn from the disk of the more massive NGC 7753.  The most intense starburst activity is in the gas and dust between the two.

These two galaxies reside behind the galactic dust prevalent  in Pegasus causing a dimming and reddening of the galaxies.  See .