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NGC 7769-7770-7771
Penryn, California
September 2008 / November 2010
FS-128 (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM LRGB 10 minute subs  (lum 2010)

An isolated group of three galaxies, NGC 7769 ( LINER, Sb, 180 Mly) is at upper  left and the smaller NGC 7770 (Sa, 193 Mly) is to the right of  NGC 7771 (SBa)  at bottom center.  PGC 214993 is just above NGC 7770.  The faint galaxy just below NGC 7769 is not identified.  NGC 7770 is in an early stage of merger with NGC 7771 and both galaxies are undergoing intense starburst activity.