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IC 1310
Penryn, California
June 2009
FS-128  (ag, ST-4)
ST-2000XM LRGB  10 minute subs

IC 1310 is one of the homeless  objects in the astronomical catalogues, SEDS list it as "Unidentified at the place given, or type unknown, in Cygnus ", Dreyer described it as a faint nebula and the revised NGC/IC catalog list it as "Open Cluster, type II1p, in Cygnus"  with the  cross identification listing of "Cross Identifications: OCL 147, Berkeley 50, in LBN 181?".  Simbad list a nebula in "other object types" for the given location.

The above is the only nebula I could find in the vicinity of the OCL IC 1310, this nebula is fairly bright and is within 3 arc minutes of central coordinates for IC 1310.