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IC 1318a    IC 1318b    IC 1318c    IC 1318e    IC 1318f (the wall)
IC 1318g    IC 1318h    IC 1318i     IC 1318j     IC 1318k
IC 1318l     IC 1318m   IC 1318n    IC 1318o

IC 1318 is a very extensive emission nebula located around Sadr (gamma cygni). 

The series of images show the interior structure of IC 1318.  Each image was acquired with the FS-128G @ F6 and the ST-10XME  Halpha was used for the luminance layer in an effort to lessen the effect of blooming stars.  Each image exposure was 15 minutes for each channel. All images were acquired during June/July 2004 and are presented with minimum processing.  It is my intent to reprocess and to form a mosaic (project for the winter rainy season) at some point in the future.

I started on IC 1318 with the intent of imaging only the brighter portions but soon discovered that there was some extremely complex detail in even the dimmest parts of the nebula.  The only problem was knowing when to stop,  This nebula is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going (sorry about that).

The map indicates approximate areas of coverage of each of the images.