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NGC 7129 / IC 5134        Image down sampled 0.5x, click on above for full size image
Penryn, California
July 2008
M 250 @ f 9.3 (ag, ST-4)
  LRGB 10 minute subs

IC 5134 is the designation for the reflection nebulae associated with the open cluster NGC 7129.  IC 5134  is an active star forming region with many Herbig-Haro objects, T-Tauri and spectral line emission stars.    

The bright star to the upper left is Lkh-alpha 234, a spectral line emission star shining brightly in h-alpha wavelengths.  It is this star that gives the nebula it slightly pink cast. 

The red band along the lower right is due to photodissociation of H2 by the interstellar UV radiation, excited by Lkh-alpha 234. 

Some of the youngest stars and many circumstellar disks have been discovered in this nebula.